Top 5 Medical Technology Innovations

The backdrop of health care reform along with the conversional medical device tax have failed to prevent the ongoing developments in medical technology by numerous companies which are focused on healthcare products that are not only cheaper, but also provide proficient patient care. According to the latest healthcare technology news, the medical technology industry was […]

Eight New Features in Windows 8 Phone

Windows Phone 8 is much talked about in the technology news. Technology enthusiasts are always on a look out for the latest and so talking about the features of Windows 8 is something to look forward to. When it comes to Windows 8 enabled phone the most important thing to notice is that it is […]

Grabbing the Latest Interesting Tidbits From Technology Blogs

 Technology  is one of the most interesting subjects to follow. As  technology  is constantly evolving, you get new and exciting stuff happening on a daily basis. It is fun and exciting to check on the latest headlines to see what is new, what is in, and what is out. You can get your daily dosage […]

Direct TV News About New Technology

Despite all of the hype surrounding HDTV and all of the  technology  surrounding it, there is still evidence that the consumer electronics industry isn’t doing enough to educate consumers about what exactly the  technology  is and what is required to set it up in private homes. Apparently there is still widespread confusion about the details […]